Time to Look On The Bright Side – Happy Book Birthday!

Today’s October 10th, 2023! That means Look On The Bright Side is available anywhere you get your books!

The long awaited and much anticipated (other people’s words, not mine) sequel to Go With The Flow is finally here. As many of you know, Go With The Flow came out in January 2020… and the rest of 2020 is very literally history. We didn’t realize our book tour would get cancelled and all the excitement and buzz around the biggest book both my co-author, Karen, and I had ever done would come to a screeching halt. It was honestly pretty devastating. Especially because you aren’t guaranteed a book tour, it’s a huge privilege when it happens. Plus, making a 330+ page book is hard and you have to celebrate that accomplishment!

Throughout the last few years Karen and I had gotten emails and messages from excited readers wanting to know what was going to happen to the girls in Go With The Flow. Go With The Flow was nominated for an Eisner Award and was a finalist for the LA Times Book Prize. We watched our wonderful book lose those awards via live streams in our sweatpants, not from the usual planned events of a pre-pandemic world. We found out our book was a banned book by me checking the news, seeing an article on NBC, and then I texted Karen and the publisher. The last few years were so… odd. But the consistent that was amazing was that readers wanted to know more… and of course we couldn’t tell you! But now you can read what happens in Look On The Bright Side.

We carefully wrote Look On The Bright Side in a way where you could pick it up and not need to read the first one. Of course, we do recommend reading Go With The Flow because it’s a good book and does do a lot of the set up! However, you can also jump right into Look On The Bright Side on its own. It picks up right where the last book takes off and… well… I’m not going to spoil the book. I will say, however, that we had a lot of fun writing and illustrating it.

Karen and I knew where we wanted book 2 to go long before we even had a sequel book deal in place. Back in January 2020 when we were on our book tour we had some serious conversations in car rides to and from events about what we would do with the girl’s stories. To say we wrote it all in our heads is not true, but we did outline a lot of it. Thankfully readers wanted more and we were able to write the script and get a second book deal for Look On The Bright Side!

There are translated versions in the works right now, but they haven’t come out yet. So as of today you can buy the North American English version anywhere you get your books! We hope you read it and enjoy further following Abby, Brit, Christine, and Sasha’s adventures at Hazelton High School. We know we loved making this book and hope you love reading it.

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For anyone in Colorado, I’m having a book launch tomorrow Wednesday, October 11th at 6:30pm at Boulder Bookstore. Please register so they have a headcount, but it’s free to attend.

P.S. Make sure to read the author’s note! We like it. :)