Save the Miramonte High School Art Center

Comment on this post to save the art center. To whom this may concern at Miramonte High School and the Acalanes School District, As supporters of the Miramonte High School Visual Arts program, we are writing to you on behalf of the Miramonte High School art center. It has been

How I Got A Book Deal pt. 3

Now I had an editor, an agent, an idea… and absolutely no knowledge or training on how to write a children’s book (ah!). I just had my drive, eagerness to learn, a ton of sources and compiled data I had used for my infographics, and a totally unfounded belief that

How I Got A Book Deal pt. 2

  Fast forward to 2013. I am 20 years old. It’s pretty amazing how from 11 to 20 I became a completely different person — I suppose that happens when you grow up! I slowed my appetite for art slightly to allow growth with ideas, friends, and exploring the world

How I Got A Book Deal pt. 1

I am young. Like, pretty young to have had as much happen to my career as it has. My first children’s book was published when I was 24 years old. I get asked all the time how I got my first book published when I look “like [I am] 18”.

Two Books Every Professional Artist Needs

What do I need to know to be a professional artist? You are going to need a dash of talent, honed by; hard work-ethic, resilience, understanding of pricing structures in your industry, a good template contract, representation (if you need it), a supportive person to help you with the hard days,

Zero Waste Gift Ideas

Recently for my friends wedding I got them a personalized zero waste kit instead of a “regular” wedding present. It took me a while to think of the little things to add to the kit and I thought, “hey that would make a great blog post”! Here are some sustainable gift

Your Questions Answered

I asked my instagram and twitter followers if they wanted to send me some questions to answer. Here are some of my A’s to their Q’s (these are not FAQ’s)! @Susanne_draws: What are your five favorite books and five favorite movies all time? Excluding the Harry Potter series from both books