I Swam With Sharks

On October 9th, 2016, I swam with sharks. I have always been a big believer in the phrase “putting your money where your mouth is”. This essentially means if you talk about a big game about something then you should be able to follow through on it yourself. For me,

How to be a good intern

    I got my first internship in feature film animation at 16. That in itself is pretty nuts, but then I got asked back each summer until I ended up getting a job after college at the same studio. Internships are about building relationships that will hopefully last a

One year later: What I have learned since my first book was published

When my first book, If Sharks Disappeared, was published in May of 2017 I felt a little overwhelmed. What no one tells you is, being a newly published author is scary! There is no office you can go in to and get feedback from your peers, no one who’s ever

Summer Drawing Challenge #kidlitsummers

My friend Kaley and I were reminiscing about our favorite summer memories the other day and we thought: “let’s draw them!” Then we thought: “wait! Let’s also encourage other people to draw them!”   Rules: Draw your favorite summer memories from being a kid. Post them online with the hashtag

Save the Miramonte High School Art Center

Comment on this post to save the art center. To whom this may concern at Miramonte High School and the Acalanes School District, As supporters of the Miramonte High School Visual Arts program, we are writing to you on behalf of the Miramonte High School art center. It has been

How I Got A Book Deal pt. 3

Now I had an editor, an agent, an idea… and absolutely no knowledge or training on how to write a children’s book (ah!). I just had my drive, eagerness to learn, a ton of sources and compiled data I had used for my infographics, and a totally unfounded belief that

How I Got A Book Deal pt. 2

  Fast forward to 2013. I am 20 years old. It’s pretty amazing how from 11 to 20 I became a completely different person — I suppose that happens when you grow up! I slowed my appetite for art slightly to allow growth with ideas, friends, and exploring the world