International OCD Awareness Week

This week is International OCD Awareness Week, a week that is very close to my heart. I speak up about a lot of things in the world, things that I think 1) are unjust or 2) don’t get talked about enough. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder falls into the latter category. Not

Shelby, Alysa, Atuat, Ukpik, And Simone!

By the time a book hits bookshelves, the book bears the handprints of many people who helped bring it to fruition. While my name is on the cover, If Polar Bears Disappeared was helped by so many people along the way. From my agent, Minju Chang, to my editor, Emily Feinberg,

What to Read After You Have Read:​ If Polar Bears Disappeared

So you just finished reading If Polar Bears Disappeared! Or maybe you’re just interested in polar bears… regardless of your reasoning, here are the books I’d recommend if you’d like to do some further reading. If Polar Bears Disappeared is about polar bears and climate change and what would happen

10 Cool Facts About Polar Bears

Polar bears are PAWsome arctic animals! Here are some BEARYy cool facts! Polar bear fur is transparent! While many believe their fur to be white, it actually has a hollow core which reflects light and helps polar bears camouflage in their environment! Under their fur, polar bears have black skin!


  Happy birthday to If Polar Bears Disappeared!  You can officially go pick up my latest nonfiction children’s book in bookstores! The companion book to If Sharks Disappeared, If Polar Bears Disappeared follows what would happen to our world if the sea ice in the Arctic melted causing polar bears to die. While this book

Two Book Giveaways!

I am currently running two giveaways online! The first is an educator-only giveaway (closes 9.1) with three winners and the second is a giveaway on Instagram (closes Monday 8.20) with one winner. See more information below! . Educator Giveaway Three winners will win a signed copy of IF POLAR BEARS DISAPPEARED

10 Things you should know before going to art school

Anyone who has gone to art school can attest, it is a very unique experience that differs greatly from a normal college one. Art school runs in my veins, my Papou (Greek for Grandfather) went to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and was a professional commercial artist during