Go With The Flow

January 14th, 2020

WRITTEN BY Lily Williams and Karen Schneemann

Illustrated by Lily Williams

Colored by Kaley Bales, Lily Williams, and Karen Schneemann

Published by FIRST SECOND

ISBN: 9781250143174


Best friends Sasha, Abby, Christine, and Brit are working their way through high school, navigating friendships, classes, first crushes, crushed expectations, and that pesky thing called a period. When Sasha gets her first period at school, friends Abby, Brit, and Christine rush to help only to discover that the school is out of products. On further investigation, they learn that the school, and none of the schools in the district, plan on restocking. Undeterred by the school’s lack of interest in female health, the girls come up with a period positive plan that quickly turns into a menstrual movement, threatening to turn their school lives and friendship into a bloody mess.


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