Aftermath of a Book Release

Hooray! Look On The Bright Side (co-written with Karen Schneemann) has been out in the world for one whole week! You can now pick up a copy wherever you get your books.

Book Launch at Boulder Bookstore

Photo of myself in front of Look On The Bright Side and Kellye Crocker in front of her book Dad’s Girlfriend and Other AnxietiesWe had an “in conversation with” type of book launch at Boulder Bookstore for my book.

When I walked into Boulder Bookstore and saw the beautiful book-lined hall that I’d be presenting in… I totally panicked. After 3 years of pandemic, I experience more pre-show jitters than I previously did years ago. The hall was beautiful and the table we presented at even had red velvet. I felt like Taylor Swift in the short film for All Too Well(Taylor’s Version) (10 minute version)Kellye Crocker came up with some amazing questions so we could have a conversation. I know I’m biased, but I think it went really well. Especially considering I’m the only one who knew how nervous I truly was.

After our conversation we answered audience questions. Then when that was finished, we signed copies of our books and talked with audience members which ranged from life-long family friends to strangers. It was a magical evening! I’m super thankful to Boulder Bookstore and Kellye Crocker for such a wonderful event.

A little bit about my art process:
My 6th graders made me cards

I teach art part-time at a Title 1 elementary school and teach grades K-6. The 6th grader teacher came to my launch and brought me letters from our students. They were wondering if I would cry upon receiving them and they were close… I did tear up! How could you not? This is super sweet and very thoughtful!

School Visit

Earlier in the day before my book launch, Boulder Bookstore and my publishing house organized an author talk at a school in Boulder. I previously had gone to this exact school the day Go With The Flow came out in January 2020. It was amazing to get to go back to the same school and talk to a new group of middle schoolers about friendship… and of course, menstruation. My parents went with me and got to see me in action! Which is also why I have such great photos from this school visit.

Denver Children’s Festival of Stories

I didn’t take nearly enough photos but here are a few I snapped while at the festival on October 7th.

What now?

I’ll be sharing information about making Look On The Bright Side and other things for a few weeks more regularly, then I promote it as I want like the rest of my published works. I hope it does well and gets a little recognition. Mostly I just hope the book does well.

If you’re in the Bay Area of California my co-author, Karen Schneemann, has one more book event on October 28th at the Berkeley Public Library at 3:30pm! I hope you can join her. Karen is picture below at a book event at Books Inc. Laurel Village, photo by Craig Church.

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