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Artists You Need To Charge More: Income Inflation

When I attended California College of the Arts there was an illustration professor who would often tell students that illustration wages hadn’t adjusted for inflation since the 1980s. He had had a thriving career since the 1980s with firsthand experience in the matter, so my drive to fact check this

Happy Earth Day! It’s Everyday!

It’s that time of the year again… Earth Day! Each year I feel like I need to blast the internet with Earth Day posts on April 22nd because I have a series of books about the trophic cascade which feature climate change and the detremental cause and effect that human impact

Go With The Flow: Further Reading

Congratulations you have read Go With The Flow and are looking for more things to read! First off, I would love to thank you for reading Go With The Flow, it was a project from the hearts of my co-author, Karen and I, and we could not be more proud