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+ Does your portfolio needs boosting?

+ Does your website align with your career goals?  

+ Would professional feedback give you that kickstart you need?

Get a professional portfolio review by Lily Williams.

Lily Williams is an award-winning author and illustrator, film-maker, freelance visual development artist, and in her spare time, a faculty member at University of Colorado, Denver. Lily’s expertise as a storyteller is in children’s publishing and animation. Her combined academic experience and unique ability see current trends, new market opportunities, enables her to offer detailed feedback for taking your portfolio to the next level.

A portfolio review is a professional critique on your work.

Perfect for: recent grads and emergent professionals, working artists wanting targeted feedback, creatives transitioning careers, and those looking to break into publishing and/or animation.


  1. Whole website – A review and critique of your entire website to include an overview of portfolio projects, biography and contact sections, and functionality.
  2. Individual Portfolio – An in-depth critique of an individual portfolio.


+ A single page PDF review with bullet list feedback.

+ Feedback will be separated into sections: Overall Impression, What’s Working, What’s Not working, and Suggestions for development.

+ Reviews will be completed within 2 weeks of confirmation.


+ Email proof of purchase (screenshot or forward of purchase email) to: lily@lilywilliamsart.com

+Include in the email:

+ A link to a website or portfolio for review (PDFs or links to folder only)

+ An answer to the following career goal questions:

      1. What are your overall career goals?
      2. What is your dream title (ex: visual development artist at Dreamworks)?
      3. What job do you want to have in 6 months?
      4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


+ Review is specific to the individual. The reviews cannot be repurposed for profit.

+ Critiques are crafted for to respond to an individual’s work. Each review will vary in length, tone, and detail.

+ Please note: Lily does not review query letters, college and job applications, animated reels, or publishing pitch packets. Lily cannot recommend you for a job nor is she hiring.

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Whole Website, Single Portfolio

One Reply to “Portfolio Review”

  1. Getting your work critiqued can be a bit of a challenge. Most people will be afraid to hurt your feelings or insult you with honest opinions. Understand before asking for a critique that without honest feedback you won’t and can’t learn to improve.
    That being said, Lily tells you her honest and professional opinion of what is working and what isn’t in your portfolio. She gives you a very detailed PDF and divides her review into different sections of what is working and what isn’t and how you can improve. Lily makes each section very clear, pointing out the function, cohesion, creativity, and innovation of your portfolio. This personally helped me understand better how potential clients would view my work and see how I’m presenting it.
    I suggest you read carefully through her notes and follow her advice. If you are constantly doubting your art, you should definitely get this portfolio review.

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