Political Postcard (10 pack)


These U.S.A. flag themed postcards make civic engagement easily! Write to your representatives in only a few minutes a day. Tell them how you feel on any topic using the fill-in-the-blank template and easy to use format. Can be used for any government representative including Senators, Representatives, and state legislators. Use your First Amendment right and let your representatives know how you feel!

10 postcards in each single order (sold as a pack of 10).

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+ 4-inch by 6-inch postcard

+ Comes in a pack of 10 postcards

+ Recycled matte paper that works best with a permanent marker or ballpoint pen.

+ All you need is a stamp and one of these postcards to make your voice heard!

+ Senator Cory Gardner used as an example as he is my senator and I use these cards to write to him to make my opinion known as his constituent.