Monochromatic Portrait

Will be back the July 8th, 2022. All purchases made during this time will be fullfilled then. Thank you for your patience!


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A personalized portrait of you, you and a friend, you and a dog, you and a sibling, etc! Done digitally and delivered digitally to your email where you can then get it printed to your own specifications or use digitally. Animals count as figures.


+ A full body portrait (solo person, friends, couples, siblings)

+ No background

+ Black linework

+ Monochromatic color scheme (you get to pick the color)

+ One high-quality file (300 DPI) to your email

+ One half-sized file to your email.


+ Image is for personal use only and cannot be reproduced for profit.


+ Email proof of purchase (screenshot or forward of purchase email) to:

+ At least one full-sized photo of the people (and animals) that will be drawn with names clear as to who is who (if more than one).

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