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A personalized portrait of you, you and a friend, you and a dog, you and a sibling, etc! Done digitally and delivered digitally to your email where you can then get it printed to your own specifications or use digitally. Animals count as figures.


+ A full body portrait (solo person, friends, couples, siblings)

+ No background

+ Black linework

+ Monochromatic color scheme (you get to pick the color)

+ One high-quality file (300 DPI) to your email

+ One half-sized file to your email.


+ Image is for personal use only and cannot be reproduced for profit.


+ Email proof of purchase (screenshot or forward of purchase email) to:

+ At least one full-sized photo of the people (and animals) that will be drawn with names clear as to who is who (if more than one).

One Reply to “Monochromatic Portrait”

  1. claire says:

    Wow! We got a custom portrait as a wedding gift – it was one of our most wanted registry items – and is one of our favorite gifts. Lily was so easy to work with, gracious, communicative, responsive, and went the extra mile for us.

    Lily has such a talent for taking the key details of what makes someone instantly recognizable as ‘them’ and translating them into an illustrated, cartoon-ized version. She got all the little details spot on, from the shape of our eyebrows, to our cat’s intricate marking and worried expression, to our shoes. She also has a genius for capturing the ineffable personality qualities and relationship dynamics of each figure + the group together. Her shading, texture, and color use are also masterful. She composites your photos into a totally new scene, which is even more impressive. I have a new appreciation for her skill and hard work.
    It was 1000% worth it. It’s so special to have a portrait of our new little family at this milestone.
    I’ve had one of these portraits on my mind for several years because I love Lily’s artwork. I’m so glad we did it and I can’t recommend her enough!

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