How To Make Art Printable


A poster to inspire little minds to start getting their ideas out onto the page. A how-to on how to start creating, but also a charming and informative illustration to hang in the classroom to inspire productivity. Perfect for an art classroom, or other makers space for kids.

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+ A full sized 4500px x 6000px (15x20in) color wheel poster

+ 1.8 MB file

+ How to make art poster to inspire little creators: 1. Ideas go in your eyes 2. Rattle around your brain 3. Down your arm 4. Out your hand.

Note: image is watermarked here and it will not be watermarked for download


I retain the copyright and ownership of all images and printables. This content is licensed for personal use only and not to be used commercially (including but not limited) to merchandise, promotion of any organization, or as NFTS. The content is licensed for personal use only.

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