Look On The Bright Side (forthcoming)

WRITTEN BY Lily Williams and Karen Schneemann

Illustrated by Lily Williams

Colored by Kaley Bales

Coming October 10th, 2023

Published by FIRST SECOND

ISBN: 9781250834119

Your favorite best friends from the groundbreaking GO WITH THE FLOW are back in a brand new graphic novel to face the challenges of secret crushes, big feelings, and growing up…together. Perfect for fans of Maria Scrivan’s NAT ENOUGH series!

Your girls are back, closer than ever. But with feelings running high and hearts on the line, will their friendship get them through another year at Hazelton High?

While Brit struggles with feelings for a seemingly rude boy who might have a soft side, Christine can’t deny any longer that she likes Abby…as more than just a friend. The only question is, does Abby have feelings for Christine, too?

Misunderstandings, betrayal, and jealousy are bound to get in the way.

But hey! Look on the bright side: They’re in this together. Always.

Heartful, romantic, and sizzling with the excitement of navigating first love, Lily Williams and Karen Schneemann’s brilliant follow up to Go With the Flow is a bright spot you will not want to miss.

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“A warm hug of a tale.”

Kirkus Reviews, starred review ★

“Via the tweens’ nuanced dialogue, Williams and Schneemann craft explicitly trust-filled friendships in which the girls meet each other’s anxieties and blunders with actionable solutions and gentle but firm suggestions for accountability without judgment.”

Publishers Weekly