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Personal portfolio project History Girl — Samantha takes us through a tour of the American Revolution– Samantha takes us through a tour of the American Revolution. Concept designs for Samantha . IF Elephants DISAPPEARED Spreads fromĀ If Elephants Disappeared, coming soon by Roaring Brook Press (2019). ISBN: 9781250143204 If Polar Bears

Children’s Illustration

Natalie & David Various #Kidlit illustrations Various Holiday images

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Independent Bookstores

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Mock Novel Covers


What Happens When Sharks Disappear?

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EDIT: The cool thing about science is as time goes on, new discoveries are made! Since I made the Reef Safe Sunscreen infographic, some new information has been discovered that says that Reef Safe Sunscreen doesn’t really matter. Here are two really good articles about it if you’d like to

House Rabbit Society

Client: House Rabbit Society Tote bag design    

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