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Various Children’s Illustrations History Girl If Animals Disappeared Spreads from the If Animals Disappeared series

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Published Book Covers Mock novel cover portfolio. Available for book cover illustration.

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My Endometriosis Story

My 14-year journey with the illness, in comic form First published in The Lily, part of The Washington Post,in their newsletter Lily Lines on Thursday, March 21st and on their website on Friday, March 22nd. To learn more about my endometriosis story, read THIS blog post full of resources, links,

Little Comics

Miscellaneous comics

O.C.D. Comics

A comic story about my journey with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. More information, explanations, and resources here. I’m So O.C.D. That… (a comic series). OCD Resources + Read more about my journey with OCD. + Learn more about Obsessive-compulsive Disorder:  International Obsessive-compulsive Disorder Foundation. + If you are concerned you might have Obsessive-compulsive


Taylor Swift A selection of some fanart I’ve done

The Mean Magenta

Selected Comics from The Mean Magenta. The Mean Magenta is a comic about menstruation that started in 2015 that updated on Thursdays and was eventually turned into a middle-grade graphic novel adaptation called Go With The Flow. Created by Lily Williams and Karen Schneemann, The Mean Magenta hopes to encourage healthy conversation


What Happens When Sharks Disappear? I don’t work for free