What happens if sharks disappear? FINconceivable explores the important role sharks play in our world and what could happen if the ocean’s fiercest predators ceased to exist. Created by Lily Williams, this is her Thesis film from California College of the Arts, May 2014.


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“My efforts to educate the public and legislators as to why sharks matter were remarkably assisted by the film FINconceivable that was created by Lily Williams. It is entertaining, attention-getting, and scientifically accurate, and makes viewers think and care about the worldwide problem of shark depletion in ways that no scientist could achieve.”

 John E. McCosker, PhD
Chair of Aquatic Biology, Emeritus
California Academy of Sciences


“The Cutest Video About Shark Murder I’ve Ever Seen. I’m not usually a sucker for cute stuff, but this got me because it’s also remarkably informative. Check it out — and eat responsibly!”

Maz Ali, Upworthy


“Don’t think sharks are adorable? Watch this.”

Greenpeace Australia


“This film may look cute, but it expresses concern for a serious issue that is happening now. Help spread the word and save the world’s sharks.”

One Green Planet


“Sharks generally aren’t all that cute. And they have a pretty bad rep. But man oh man, are they important. If it takes a cute little kid and a few cute drawings for us to figure that out and make them a little more relatable (instead of the dead-eyed monsters many view them as), then maybe, just maybe, we’ll stop trying to kill all of them. That would be good!”

The Intertia


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