If Sharks Disappeared

May 23rd, 2017 Published by Roaring Brook Press A nonfiction children’s book that imagines the consequences of a world without sharks. (space) “A successful balancing act between heralding disaster and promoting change—an informative debut.” – Kirkus Reviews, starred review (space) “A bibliography and a list of dos and don’ts wrap up a

If… Disappeared (the companion books)

Go With The Flow

 2019 PUBLISHED BY FIRST SECOND Best friends Sasha, Abby, Christine, and Brit are working their way through high school, navigating friendships, classes, first crushes, crushed expectations, and that pesky thing called a period. When Sasha gets her first period at school, friends Abby, Brit, and Christine rush to help only to

Fangirl Special Edition

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, special edition Order on IndieBound