100 Reasons to Vote Blue

We all have to vote blue. I mean, how many times can I say it over the last four years? It feels like a million. So here is my last push for 2020… here are 100 reasons to vote blue.

  1. For our kids
  2. Because Trump was impeached
  3. For the future that our children will inherit and the planet we want them to not only survive in, but thrive in.
  4. Because science is real
  5. Because climate change is real and the biggest existential threat to us
  6. For climate action and reversing climate change (Biden/Harris have a historic climate action plan)
  7. For the indigenous people whose land and way of life are threatened around the world due to climate change
  8. For a clean energy future
  9. For the public lands Trump has sold off and we can’t get back
  10. For the public lands that we need to fight protect and make sure don’t get sold off
  11. Because we can’t get back land once it’s been sold off
  12. Because facts are truth
  13. For a kinder world
  14. For a more inclusive world
  15. For a more equal and equitable country
  16. Because LGBTQIA+ people deserve human rights
  17. Because women deserve human rights
  18. Because trans people matter
  19. Because black people matter
  20. Because Indigenous people matter
  21. Because all humans deserve human rights
  22. Because we should want others to never suffer as we have
  23. Because in order to do that, we need to fix a lot of problems in our country
  24. For a society that believes in lifting each other up and the power of uniting through our differences
  25. For the right to taxpayer-funded healthcare and access to healthcare for all
  26. For much better mental healthcare
  27. So that mental healthcare isn’t something only the rich can afford
  28. For those suffering from drug and opioid addiction
  29. For the protection and help for homeless people
  30. Because black lives matter
  31. For George Floyd, Brianna Taylor, Elijah McClain, Wallace Jr. and so many more…
  32. Because cops should have more training
  33. Because cops shouldn’t be militarized
  34. For common-sense gun control
  35. For the Parkland students
  36. For all the victims of mass shootings who need us to stand behind them
  37. For the victims of domestic violence who need better protections
  38. For the Violence against Women Act that sits expired on Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s desk
  39. For the other 400 bills, passed by the house, sitting in purgatory on Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s desk
  40. For Ruth Bader Ginsberg
  41. For Merrick Garland, whose Supreme Court seat was stolen from him over 200 days out in the election
  42. For the three Supreme Court seats that were unjustly filled by Trump
  43. Because we shouldn’t have let an accused rapist onto the Supreme Court
  44. For bodily autonomy
  45. Because a woman’s right to choose should be legal and a choice between her and her doctor
  46. Because the USA ranks 55th on the maternal mortality rate for women (behind Russia) by the World Health Organization
  47. Because the maternal mortality rate is much higher for black mothers
  48. For the quarter of a million people who have died because of the mishandling of COVID-19
  49. For the millions who have experienced unemployment due to the mishandling of COVID-19
  50. To those who have become homeless due to the mishandling of COVID-19
  51. Because white supremacy and nazis are emboldened by 45 and his cronies
  52. Because I shouldn’t have had to type the sentence above
  53. Because Trump has yet to denounce white supremacy on multiple occasions
  54. For an end to facism in America
  55. Because voting Red is a vote to embolden and strengthen white supremacy
  56. Because voting Red is a vote in support of the supreme court seat theft and 400 bills on Mitch McConnell’s desk…
  57. Because voting Red is a vote in support of the crumbling of Democracy
  58. For all the small businesses who paid more in taxes than Jeff Bezos
  59. For all the people who paid more in taxes than Donald Trump
  60. Because billionaires and multi-millionaires who profited off of the pandemic
  61. Because we need to tax the ultra-wealthy and Biden’s tax plan taxes anyone making over $400,000 a year, but protects those underneath it.
  62. Because making sure the people of your country are healthy and protected isn’t socialism…
  63. For asylum seekers
  64. Because it doesn’t matter who started it, but putting people in concentration camps should be ended fully.
  65. Because people have died in concentration camps
  66. Because hundreds of people are missing from these concentration camps
  67. Because there have been thousands of reported assaults in these concentrations camps
  68. Because we are a country of immigrants and it’s time we understood that
  69. For access to a fair and free education
  70. For free access to pre-school and college
  71. For separation of church and state to be upheld in all the tiers of our government
  72. Because all people should be allowed to worship what they want in the USA
  73. To make sure our representatives work for us and not corporations
  74. To get corporate PAC money out of politics
  75. Because corporations shouldn’t be considered people
  76. Because corporations should be held accountable for their damages
  77. Because there should be affordable housing options
  78. Because developers shouldn’t be allowed to scrape cities and build luxury condos that sit empty while there are no affordable housing options for those in need
  79. Because big box stores are running mom and pop shops out of towns all across America and there needs to be accountability
  80. Because conversion camps need to be outlawed
  81. Because Title IX needs to be upheld
  82. For equal pay for equal work
  83. For access to medication
  84. Because Big Pharma needs to be held accountable
  85. Because access to birth control should be free and easily accessible
  86. Because menstrual products should be free and easily accessible
  87. For all the people struggling under predatory student loans
  88. For the ultra-rich who take advantage of broken systems
  89. So we can fix those broken systems
  90. Because we need to repair the damage done to Democracy by Mitch McConnell, Trump, and all the Republicans who have caused a stalemate in the Senate
  91. Because we shouldn’t have to chase down our senators and beg them not to sell off our rights (hem hem, Susan Collins)
  92. Because all these people work for us so they should fight for all of us, not just the rich
  93. For the USPS and protecting our postal service
  94. Because voting should be easily accessible
  95. To end Gerrymandering
  96. Because we love our country and know we can make it a better and more equitable place
  97. Because progress for the sake of humanity and equality will make our country stronger and safer
  98. Because we should strive to be better and create a better and more equal world where all can prosper and thrive…
  99. Because this list could go on and on…
  100. Because a better world starts with you voting blue.