The Best Thing You Can Do For Our Planet: Vote Blue!

“What’s the best thing you can do for our planet?“ I get asked this often enough… so This Earth Day, 2020, my message to everyone around the globe is to remember to vote BLUE in our upcoming elections! If you are reading this not on Earth Day… the message is the same.

Yes, I’m going to say it and not mince my words: vote Democrat, vote progressive, vote Blue!

 The most important thing we can do for each other is to remember that everything is connected and with that in mind, use the power of our vote to protect our planet for us all. This is something I try to drive home constantly in my IF ANIMALS DISAPPEARED books: the concept that we are all connected. Every single action from every single creature is important. Our actions matter and the actions of elephants and bees and sharks and trees matter… everything plays its part to make our world continue to be healthy and strong for the generations of children who will inherit the earth.

The most important thing we can do, without question, is vote. As humans, we have an obligation to those who will inherit the earth: we must protect it for them. To protect it, we have to elect people to positions of power who WILL protect it. This means we have to vote for people who know climate change is real, believe in science, and will use their power to help our planet. Full stop.

When we protect our earth… then we can celebrate Earth Day for years to come!

I hope we all will do our part this year to make sure we can celebrate Earth Day for generations.

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