Shelby, Alysa, Atuat, Ukpik, And Simone!


By the time a book hits bookshelves, the book bears the handprints of many people who helped bring it to fruition. While my name is on the cover, If Polar Bears Disappeared was helped by so many people along the way. From my agent, Minju Chang, to my editor, Emily Feinberg, to my amazing art director, the late Roberta Pressel. This book would simply not exist without them.


I wish I could travel while writing my books, but right now it is a little hard to swing! So thankfully I had Shelby Angalik and Alysa McCall to help. Shelby graciously showed me her world and taught me about the indigenous people of Nunavut Canada (where Polar Bears Disappeared is set). Alysa, a Polar Bear scientist, who fact-checked my book and gave me some BEARy PAWsome Polar Bear knowledge! I am so thankful for the time and wisdom both of these women gave me.

Working on these books makes me feel like I am on an amazing trip, exploring all of the places they explore on the pages! Luckily, Atuat, Simone, and Ukpik (left to right in the header image) lead me on this adventure through the Arctic. These brave characters showed me the way and made illustrating this book so much fun because it is filled to the brim with their curious spirits!

If Polar Bears Disappeared is available at bookstores everywhere in the US and will be available in the UK in February.