10 Cool Facts About Polar Bears

Polar bears are PAWsome arctic animals! Here are some BEARYy cool facts!

  1. Polar bear fur is transparent! While many believe their fur to be white, it actually has a hollow core which reflects light and helps polar bears camouflage in their environment!
  2. Under their fur, polar bears have black skin! This helps them absorb the heat from the sun — keeping them warm in their icy arctic home.
  3. Polar bears are considered a marine mammal! Ursus Maritimus is the Latin name for polar bear, it means “maritime bear”.
  4. Polar bears have a layer of blubber under their fur. Like whale blubber, this fat keeps polar bears warm and keeps them buoyant in the water.
  5. Polar bears are the largest bear and largest living carnivore on earth!
  6. Polar bears are found all across the Arctic from Alaska to Canada, Greenland, Russia, and Norway.
  7. Listed as an ICUN red list status “vulnerable” species, exact polar bear populations are unknown.
  8. Polar bears don’t hibernate.
  9. As Apex Predators, polar bears only predator is humans.
  10. Polar bears are mostly solitary animals except for a mom and her cubs.

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