Happy birthday to If Polar Bears Disappeared!  You can officially go pick up my latest nonfiction children’s book in bookstores!

The companion book to If Sharks Disappeared, If Polar Bears Disappeared follows what would happen to our world if the sea ice in the Arctic melted causing polar bears to die. While this book is about polar bears, it is also about climate change. Climate change can be a controversial topic, especially in America. While over 97% of scientists agree that climate change is real and happening, a lot of people disagree with the facts. You can disagree on opinions, but facts are facts.

I believe that facts matter. Sometimes facts are hard to hear. They can shatter our vision of the world, but they can also inspire great change. Once we learn the truths that this world has to offer, we can learn how to make our world a better place for everyone who lives here. And who doesn’t want a better world?

If Polar Bears Disappeared is packed with facts, real science (fact-checked by real live polar bear scientist Alysa McCall at Polar Bears International), back matter, and ways you can help save our planet from your home or school.

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