5 Easy Ways To Help Save Sharks

For Shark Week 2017, I created five images to help people easily incorporate saving sharks into their daily routines. Here are some easy ways you can help save sharks every single day!


No. 1 – Abstain from shark meat

Sharks are #ApexPredators (keystone species) which are necessary to their environment. Sharks are slow growing, sometimes taking just as long as a human to reach sexual maturity. Their populations cannot sustain being hunted, because they cannot reproduce quickly enough. Be on the lookout for “flake” which is a commercial term for shark meat. You can often find flake as steaks, fish tacos, and in fish and chips.


No. 2 – Abstain from shark products

Shark liver oil (squalene) is in many traditional cosmetics on the market today from lipsticks to concealers. Shop shark savvy by choosing products with olive squalene (vegetable squalene) instead.


No. 3 – Use the Seafood Watch Consumer Guide

As a person with food allergies, I don’t like telling people what they can and cannot eat (apex predators are an exception). However, with an estimated 30 million sharks killed annually as fishing bycatch, making sure that the fish you eat was caught in a sustainable way is important. It is also now easier than ever with the Seafood Watch app by Monterey Bay Aquarium. They have printable guides to keep in your wallet and an app that updates regularly. A common misconception is that if a restaurant says their food is sustainable, it is… but more than likely it isn’t. Another misconception is that wild caught is the best… but that changes constantly and sometimes the best option for that week is farmed. If you eat fish, check out this app.


No. 4 – Support the Shark Fin Trade Elimination Act (S.793)

Have you called your senators/representatives to tell them you support #S793? There is so much to call your representatives about lately, so I made it easier by creating phone script and have a downloadable letter ready for mailing. All on my blog post HERE.


No. 5 – Support people who help save sharks

Scientists, nonprofits, artisans, creators, and ecotourism! You can support them by following their work, volunteering, speaking out for sharks, buying their products and merchandise, or supporting their businesses when you travel. If you monetarily can support some of them, then please do. Their work is more important now than ever. You can find people to follow on my instagram HERE.

Save Sharks!