Just Some Silly (and true) Shark Facts

While sharks may not wear sweaters, but the facts that follow are very true shark facts!


  • Greenland sharks can live to be an estimated 400 years old!
  • Bull sharks can be found in freshwater. They need saltwater to survive… however, they have adapted to be able to keep salt in their bodies for swimming upstream.
  • When swimming in schools, sharks swim according to rank. Alphas are usually near the surface of the water, though they do feel free to switch up positioning.
  • Sharks will get a suntan the more time they spend near the waters surface.
  • You can tell how old a shark is by counting the rings in it’s vertebrae — just like a tree!
  • Tiger sharks are known to be “garbage cans”, because they eat a lot and are not picky. Here are some items that have been found in the stomach of a tiger shark: a bag of money, car tires, boots, boat cushions, a bag of potatoes, license plates, and the list goes on
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Keep swimming!



This is not a real shark fact…