Easter Bunnies + Adoption Story

It’s Easter time! Which means there are lots of Easter Bunny posts circulating the internet. It also means that… I wanted to share some fun and stinky bunny facts, as well as, pictures of my binky babes.


My 2016 Easter Bunny Comic inspired by the #MakeMineChocolate campaign

Rabbits are like… the cutest. Trust me, they are. They also are a ton of work. Rabbits eat: fresh greens, hay, and pellets twice a day. That fresh veggie bill adds up. Not to mention you will need storage for all of the hay they eat. They need 24/7 access to fresh water and hay, no exceptions. They need to have their litter cleaned regularly, because they poop over 300 times a day. They cannot be kept in a cage (pet stores lie) and need room to roam daily. Rabbit’s need to see an exotic vet who specializes in rabbits and they are fragile animals who can get sick often, and hide it well.

I knew those scary facts when I adopted Oliver and Owen. I had been considering getting a rabbit for about two years, and spent months researching which shelter I wanted to adopt them from in Los Angeles (where I was living at the time). That still didn’t prepare me for the times Owen would get sick ($$$). But my preparation it did mean that I had set up a space for them to live, bunny proofed the living room that they would roam free range, and factored in the 10+ years I would have them in my life. Yes, bunnies live 10-15 years. Some even live longer!


Oliver (left) and Owen (right)

I adopted Oliver and Owen from BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center (a no-kill rabbit rescue) in Van Nuys, California in 2015. Along with their three sisters, Oliver and Owen had been red listed at a kill shelter in LA. Thankfully they were saved by BunnyLuv and then eventually adopted by me. It is unclear how they came to be rescued by the shelter that eventually red listed them. And to be honest, I avoid thinking about it, because it hurts my heart to think that these sweet and sensitive loves were abandoned or neglected.

Oliver and Owen are Lucky buns. But the truth is, I am so lucky to know them. My boys are very shy and it required a lot of patience to encourage them to blossom into the bunnies that they are today. They have forced me to slow down my life, put them first, and always remember to get on their level. When Oliver licks me, or when Owen nudges me, it is a far cry from the two bunnies who didn’t leave their cardboard castle for 3 months. They are such sensitive and loving companions and I am so thankful for them every single day.


I am thankful for them even when they are naughty nibblers.

I do hope people want to adopt bunnies, because there are many bunnies out there in need of a loving home. It seems that bunnies are becoming a more popular pet. I love that so many people are getting to experience bunny love, because it is so unique and wonderful. If you are interested in adopting a bunny, wait until after Easter and look up your nearest rabbit shelter.

There are a lot of benefits for adopting at a local rabbit rescue. Rescuing a rabbit at your local rabbit rescue ensures that another rabbit will be offered the opportunity to be saved from the streets, or off of a red list. Most rescues will spay and neuter the bunnies and get them litter trained. They also are a resource for knowledge. I still call BunnyLuv whenever Owen gets sick… hi Jody!

Please never give live animals as pets. Always remember to adopt, not shop. Because when you rescue you provide a home for the animal you adopt, as well as, save the life of the one that gets to take it’s place.


Rabbit Facts:

  • Rabbits live 10-15 years
  • Rabbits poop 300+ times a day
  • Rabbits love to chew! Better bunny proof those baseboards and wires…
  • Rabbits are lagomorphs (not rodents)
  • Rabbits are crepuscular, most active at dawn and dusk (not nocturnal).
  • Rabbit’s diets should be 80% Hay
  • Rabbits are highly social animals and need a companion. Most shelters make you adopt a pair.
  • Rabbits can be litter trained
  • Rabbits are very intelligent and emotional creatures
  • Rabbits pur when they are happy
  • Rabbits binky when they are SUPER happy
  • Rabbits nails and teeth do not stop growing
  • Rabbits cannot vomit
  • Rabbits need to see a specific bunny vet
  • Rabbits hide their illness very well, keep an eye on them! They can get sick very quickly.
  • Many rabbit shelters also offer bunny boarding for if you take a trip
  • More rabbit facts: Special Bunny, PETA Kids, MSPCA

Rabbit Resources:

  • Rabbit 101 (facts, resources, information)
  • House Rabbit Society is the leading international rabbit rescue organization. Click the link to see a list of international House Rabbit chapters and rescues. There are many other rabbit shelters in the world, look online to find your closest rabbit rescue.
  • Rabbits need to see a special exotic vet that knows rabbits. Find a vet near you!